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A Journey to Full Body Movement

0234Paul Van Alstine, owner of Spine and Joint Rehabilitation and Studio One Pilates, suffered chronic back, neck, and shoulder pain and headaches for over 20 years.  Paul spent over $100,000 and tried a large variety of therapies to regain his function and his life.  Spine and Joint Rehabilitation and Studio One Pilates are his way of offering the healing arts that helped him the most.  Research shows that the majority of typical muscular, postural, and joint issues can be greatly reduced or eliminated through consistent and systematic application of proper exercise, manual therapy, and education.  The mission of Spine and Joint Rehabilitation and Studio One Pilates is to bring these therapies together and coordinate their application through a group of excellent practitioners, all of whom have been hand selected by Paul.   


Our Mission

Stage 1: Control and Reduce Pain – Reduce or eliminate your pain through manual therapies, exercise, and education.

Stage 2: Improve Performance – Once you are out of pain or stable we can begin to tone the whole body and increase strength and flexibility to prevent further problems.

Stage 3: The Rest of Your Life – Optimize function, refine, and de-age.


What is Structural Integration?




A year and a half ago I was twenty pounds heavier, wracked with pain, and feeling twice my age. I could hardly get through the day. After two neck surgeries, two shoulder surgeries, and a numerous other interventions things were not coming together. I was seeing multiple practitioners on a weekly basis just to make it to keep my life together.

A friend introduced me to the therapists at Spine & Joint. I started doing manual therapy with them. In addition, I learned all of the VASIE exercise techniques I could at Studio One Pilates. I did both private and group classes. I had no insurance at the time and paid for everything cash.

After a few weeks I felt much better. Things have continued to improve. I feel better, I have more energy, and I got my body back. I can now do almost any exercise without hurting myself and with excellent technique (in addition to VASIE pilates I can lift very heavy weights again).

Life is getting better again.

Ted Ragains, Anchorage, Alaska

Ted R., Anchorage, Alaska

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